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Not a bug, but feature: the players accepted features World Of Warcraft Classic mistakes and began to complain

World Of Warcraft has changed dramatically since its initial release back in 2004. The project has improved over time, and users are accustomed to its current state. The announcement of the original version of the MMORPG, World of Warcraft Classic, has attracted a lot of attention, and recently began open beta testing. It turns out that not all users were ready to be World Of Warcraft. Many of the features of earlier versions took for error, and users have started to complain to the developers.
Blizzard Entertainment it is a huge number of messages. But the Manager of company relations with the community announced that this was the version of WoW for more than a decade ago. Most of the complaints were that the targets are not displayed on the map, completed missions marked with a dot, spell the enemy can use even when you turn the camera the other way on the hill. Low level quests are not shown as question marks, monsters respawn too slow and so on.
A Lot of comments came in address game mechanics. For example, the effect of the “Fear” forces users to move much faster, the soldier works properly the speed of health regeneration. Tauren hitboxes much more than other races. Blizzard said that when working on World Of Warcraft Classic authors turned a lot of “chips”. For example, inconsistent mapping is made and requiring the attention of jobs from an NPC. This aspect annoying, but that was classic.
Reminder: World Of Warcraft Classic will launch on August 27 together with the actual patch 1.12.0 “Drums of war”.

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Global Guardians of Azeroth mod for Crusader Kings II has received a major patch

Last year, Crusader Kings II went global modification of the Guardians of Azeroth, which changes the game universe of World of Warcraft. The map was replaced on Azeroth, in the factions there were elves, orcs and other races, and also added the magic and other features of the game Blizzard.
Recently, the mod developers have announced the release of a major update that adds a lot of innovations. Among the main functions are allocated to the disease (devouring plague and frost fever), the immortality of the night elves (while Nordrassil is destroyed), and the World Tree.
With regard to the latter, they can plant the druids, and after a siege the opponents will be able to burn them.
Find out all the details of the patch can be separate article. The gamemode itself is available at Moddb.


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