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Rumor: Ubisoft may receive with a subscription service

Apparently, will soon have another subscription service, this time from Ubisoft. Store the publisher has been found product Premium Pass, which is currently not in stock. He noticed one of the users ResetEra.
There is no precise data that would represent subscription from Ubisoft. It may be a few levels, like EA, and Premium means that users will get access to new products of the company.
Details can announce at E3 2019, which will be held from 11 to 13 June.

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Console players spend on the first RAID of The Division 2 more than 17 hours

After the problems at the start of the first RAID The Division 2 console players were still able to finish it. However, they spent a lot more time than PC gamers. To evening of Sunday the average time of passage was about 17 hours, although the first attempts lasted more than 30 hours.
That looked like the leaderboards on PS4. Now the data is slightly different:
Meanwhile, someone managed to get a RAID “Hard times” in 24 minutes.

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Videos with the gameplay of the two new operatives in Rainbow Six Siege

Despite the years, Ubisoft has continued to develop its popular tactical shooter Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. As expected, may 19, the game kicked off the second season of the 4th year of support of the game. The update is named Operation Phantom Sight, and its main change — two new operatives, one for defenders and stormers respectively. New video shows these men in action and shows the best tactics for each of them.
The”Ghost” in the title of the update refers to the Danish operative Nøkk, the main feature of which — Hel camouflage device that allows you to hide from the cameras and bots. This mysterious fighter Chasseur corps Denmark is able to move silently penetrate into the enemy’s rear, to collect the required data and to effectively attack the enemy. This hero truly strikes fear into opponents.
In turn, the word “Look” refers to the American fighter with the Callsign Warden. The key difference between this protection specialist are the intellectual glasses Glance. With their help, a former marine and a member of the US Secret service sees what others do not see, taking advantage in any situation, whether careful planning or improvisation. This helps, for example, in terms of smoke screen or while using the enemies stun grenades.
This Video tells about the basic techniques most effective use of the abilities and characteristics of these two operatives. He also dedicated to updating the map “Cafe “Dostoevsky”” that within the last update was noticeably more balanced.
By the Way, part of the innovations of the 2nd season are different balance changes, many of which are still run by developers. For example, the Desert Eagle is now available muzzle brake and silencer, FMG-9 operative Smoke — sight of the Vortex (as in Mozzie), and the effect of the skill of the operative Finka will randomly eliminate ringing in the ears that occurs in the explosion. The changes will affect and operatives eye, Maverick, Smoke, as well as stationary and ballistic shields.

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The gameplay for the new operatives Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft published a gameplay video dedicated to the upcoming operation Rainbow Six Siege — Phantom Sight. In it, the developers showed a new operatives Warden and Nøkk, as well as recycled map “Cafe “Dostoevsky”.

Hide from the cameras and the “bots” and move silently, playing for Nøkk using the gadget Hel.
Follow the enemy, not paying attention to the smoke and stun grenades, by choosing a Warden, using “smart glasses” Glance.
Examine the updated map “Cafe “Dostoevsky””, which became more balanced.
Release date of the transaction have not been disclosed.


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