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In the console version of Stellaris there was a multiplayer mode

The Company Paradox Interactive and Tantalus Media has announced the release of a free update Stellaris: Console Edition. With him in the strategy there was a multiplayer mode for four players.
“live out your galactic ambitions together or compete against each other to crush the conquered in the hard struggle of the Empire with your friends and family members, — say the developers. — Multiplayer mode is available for free to all owners Stellaris: Console Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One”.
Recall that the launch of the multiplayer took place shortly after the sale of two downloadable add-ons — the Leviathans Story and Plantoids Species. Also this year, Paradox Interactive plans to release on consoles addition Utopia. On PC all of these materials have long been available in Steam.
Stellaris is a classic 4X strategy game in which you need to develop the technology to explore the world (in this case, the galaxy), battle other civilizations and build their own Empire. The strategy is available on Windows PC, macOS and Linux may 9, 2016. On the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release Stellaris: Console Edition was held on 26 February this year.


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