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First Assembly cooperative modification Skyrim Together available to everyone

Around cooperative modification Together Skyrim for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim lately many scandals. First, the authors were accused of stealing code, and later it was reported that the developers can never release his creation. They receive every month $30 thousand due to subscribers on Patreon. To clear his reputation, the creators of Skyrim Together have laid out in free access in the first Assembly of the modification.
Senior programmer from team Max Griot savilthat these versions are not sustainable. During their use, possible errors, and in rare cases, the game will not start. Early access Skyrim Together provided only to subscribers on Patreon. Opportunity free download the authors opened to show fans the progress, because the work continues.
Max Griot said that it emotional statements, which he did in April, apply only to toxic users. Programmer every day gets requirements from people who did not help the development, and even death threats.
Reminder: Skyrim Together is a modification that offers co-op with up to 8 people in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. You can download it on GitHub, and the tools for creating servers is here.

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