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Exclusive deal with Epic Games saved the game developer of single

The drama around the Epic Games Store continues. Recently successful indie Studio Re-Logic promised “don’t sell your soul” Epic Games. The other developer claims that this view is not so popular. The latest project, for example, the company is saved by its deal for exclusive release in the Epic Games Store.
Indie developer Gwen Frey is working on a puzzle called the Kine itself. the “I was struggling indie developer, passionately making the project, she said on Twitter. — I was going to sell the rights to the publisher to hire artists to finish their game properly. But I didn’t because I was saved by a exclusive deal with Epic”.
The Answer Gwen Frey is associated with the review of the Vice-President Re-Logic Whitney Spinks, which wrote Twitter: “No game Re-Logic will never be exclusive to the Epic Games Store. No amount of money is to sell your soul”. Recall that the Studio released Terraria.
Epic Games gave millions of dollars in grants for small developers and experimental for many years and continues to do so, sponsors events, conferences and meetings. Gwen Frey believes the company is one of the most charitable in the industry. The developer has published an early trailer Kine to deal with Epic Games to show how the agreement helped her game. the “I made this game and collected the trailer. I’m proud of it, but it was a huge amount of work for one person, and I didn’t have the means to work too long” she wrote.
Then Frei published SFII with Kine. Now the game looks better, animations smoother. the “I got an exclusive deal, the time and space to work on my game and hired a few artists. Kine now looks like this” she wrote.
Practice Epic Games to launch exclusive games in its store angered many PC gamers. Games like Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, Metro Exodus, Borderlands 3 and many others did not come, or not come out on Steam at the same time with the Epic Games Store.

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Since there seems to be confusion- No Re-Logic title will ever be an Epic Store exclusive. There is no amount of money we could be offered to sell our souls.
— Whitney Spinks (@Cennxx) May 14, 2019

Not to pick on this guy, but I’ve seen this sentiment a lot. I was a struggling solo indie dev making a passion project. I was about to sell out to a publisher so I could hire artists and finish my game properly.
But I didn’t, because I was saved by an Epic exclusivity deal. https://t.co/TDW51anZFF
— Gwen Frey (@direGoldfish) May 16, 2019


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