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The figure of Arthur Morgan from LimToys

LimToys will release the arrow figure from the Outlaws of the West, which is based on the character Arthur Morgan of Red Dead Redemption 2. It is made only in the image and likeness and is not licensed.Included are revolvers, shotguns, rifle, bow, hat, beard, coat and other items.
Release date and price are still unknown. Past figures LImToys sold for about $200.

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Rumor: Ubisoft may receive with a subscription service

Apparently, will soon have another subscription service, this time from Ubisoft. Store the publisher has been found product Premium Pass, which is currently not in stock. He noticed one of the users ResetEra.
There is no precise data that would represent subscription from Ubisoft. It may be a few levels, like EA, and Premium means that users will get access to new products of the company.
Details can announce at E3 2019, which will be held from 11 to 13 June.

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Sucker Punch showed ideas that were not included in the first InFamous

May 26, the first part of InFamous was ten years old. On this occasion, the Studio Sucker Punch on Twitter thanked all his fans and shared interesting facts and prototypes are the first games in the series:
Working title for the game was a True Hero, even during the announcement of the game was in any case made the Intro with this name, because the name of the InFamous could not register in time.

InFamous came out may 26, 2009 on the PS3.

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A new techno-demo DXR shows the effect of global lighting

The channel Opus Visual released a new video with a demonstration of technologies DXR. This demo was created in the framework of competition of Nvidia and shows the possibilities of global illumination and ray tracing in real time.
Technical demonstration of a simple but Visual Opus managed to convey a high level of visual quality. Graphics of this level are unlikely to appear in games in the near future, but you can imagine what awaits us in the future.
Unfortunately, Opus Visual started the techno-demo for everyone, so it is unknown what level of performance she needed.

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THQ Nordic acquired Piranha Bytes

At THQ Nordic replenishment: publisher acquired the Studio Piranha Bytes, is responsible for a series of role-playing games Gothic and Risen. The acquisition also includes rights to all intellectual property of the Studio.
Piranha Bytes will remain an independent Studio developing games under the leadership of a newly established company Piranha Bytes GmbH. The team will continue to develop games, and will have full creative freedom, while THQ Nordic will act as publisher of the Studio. The Studio will continue to lead CEO Michael Rowe and head of games Bjorn Pankrac.
Perhaps the Studio is working on one of two projects that the publisher will present at E3.
The purchase Price was not disclosed.


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