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Trailer colorful cards “mercury” for Battlefield 5

Electronic Arts and DICE announced that a new map “mercury” will appear in Battlefield V is may 30. The announcement was accompanied by a colorful trailer.
“mercury” is an analog of the real balls for the invasion on the coast of the island of Crete. There are many hills and small buildings, the coast is full of light tanks, and the sky is full with planes.

The Main features of “mercury” from the point of view of the uneven distribution of equipment between the parties: the British forces have at their disposal tanks and a very modest number of aircraft, while the Germans dominated the sky.
The Map will appear in the game through free updates.

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The gameplay for the new operatives Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft published a gameplay video dedicated to the upcoming operation Rainbow Six Siege — Phantom Sight. In it, the developers showed a new operatives Warden and Nøkk, as well as recycled map “Cafe “Dostoevsky”.

Hide from the cameras and the “bots” and move silently, playing for Nøkk using the gadget Hel.
Follow the enemy, not paying attention to the smoke and stun grenades, by choosing a Warden, using “smart glasses” Glance.
Examine the updated map “Cafe “Dostoevsky””, which became more balanced.
Release date of the transaction have not been disclosed.

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World War Z was one of the most successful games under license from Paramount

The Company Focus Home Interactive has announced that sales shooter World War Z on all platforms and around the world has almost reached two million copies per month. Million the game was subjected to in just the first week. To celebrate the success of a new trailer.
Jon Austin, senior Vice President of Paramount Pictures, said that World War Z has also become one of the most successful games on the licenses of the company. Focus Home reminded about the plans to free updates and sale at EGS.
World War Z — co-op shooter with unusual competitive regime, in which there are AI zombies. The game is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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