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A guide to sieges in Total War: Three Kingdoms

Total War: Three Kingdoms you will not be able to immediately attack a settlement with walls (e.g., capital), if you have no artillery. Without artillery would first have to take a settlement in a siege that will last for several moves. They are assigned to the attacker managed to assemble siege equipment at the walls of enemy territory. The siege eventually begins to oppress the population and its defenders, Deplete food stocks. At the same time depleted military capacity of the attacking army.
When you command the army to attack the settlement, surrounded by a wall panel will open the siege. You will receive important information about the settlement, which precipitated that will allow you to choose the right approach.
Detail about some icons:

is Open or closed gates of the city. Certain spy actions will help you to open them, once the attacking troops.
On the strength of the walls. With each turn of the siege they weaken.
Number of moves within which a settlement can resist a siege. Certain features and support quality of generals can increase the time of holding the city under siege, or to reduce it to the attacking army.
Number of moves before in the city low on supplies.
the Presence of any barricades or Bastion artillery, which will be used by the defender when the attacker will start the siege battle.
Construction of siege equipment.

In subsequent turns attacking you can re-open the siege, by clicking on the appropriate icon of the siege near the settlement, or by selecting the attacking army and right-clicking on the settlement, as if attacking him.
There are many potential consequences of the siege. Can be launched the siege battle, the defenders can surrender; army protecting the settlement, may decide to attack the attacker; attackers might decide to lift the siege.
the lifting of the siege
An Attacker may at any time lift the siege through the panel, ordered the army to go beyond the area controlled by the settlement. Any siege equipment built during the siege, will be lost. There are several reasons why an attacker may want it. For example, if the depleted military stocks or there is another army which is going to help the defender of the city, increasing the chance of a successful defense.
In each village there are a few different points, which an attacker may set the troops to get control over them.

Victory point. Each settlement has one winning point. Its capture completed the battle, won the victory of the attacking troops.
Gate. Semicircular capture points marked on the walls of the city, adjacent to every gate. In the case of capture they give the attacker free access through the gate. Defenders can return these items.
Small tower. Semicircular gripping points are marked near each rifle tower. In the event of their capture small tower cease fire by attacking. Defenders can regain the tower.

The escalation Level determines the damage that the settlement receives during the siege. The more moves it spends in the siege, the more damaged walls, buildings and apply a more severe penalty on morale. It will affect every inch of settlement after the siege go into battle.
Attack of the defenders
In some situations it may be appropriate to the army in the settlement, left the city and struck the attacking troops. For example, if their reserves are exhausted or a settlement becomes so damaged that the negative penalties from escalating significantly hamper a siege battle.
If the defending army decides to withdraw troops, in the battle to join the garrison force (and any other friendly army in the area of control of the settlement). The battle will be held in an open area against the attacking troops, right in front of the city, and fines of escalation will be ignored.
Similarly, if a friendly army enters the control zone of the settlement, to attack the besieging forces, the garrison forces of the city and any defending army will go outside the wall and will help in battle.
Damage settlement
Since the settlement of the escalation is subjected to damage, that certain buildings may be damaged or destroyed. When the siege ends, these buildings need to be repaired or rebuilt to restore the functionality in the campaign. To repair a building, click the repair icon in the corresponding slot on the control panel.
When a settlement is under siege, the command becomes cut off from the food supply of an entire faction, and the stock will not be replenished. The city will have a limited number of moves before these supplies are completely depleted, is displayed on the panel of the siege. When the supplies runs out, the garrison force (and any army inside) will start to suffer from exhaustion that will lead to damage to the units and lower the morale in the beginning of the battle.
The Attacking army must also be mindful of their military holdings. For all moves in the siege exhausted the supplies of these troops. Thereafter, the exhaustion and loss of morale.
Defenders of the settlement under siege, may at any time give up. The probability of this increases with each turn of the siege, and marked in the panel. It does not guarantee that the settlement will give up because instead, defenders can attack first.
When the battle starts, the attacker needs to overcome the city walls to get inside. They can be destroyed by artillery and infantry can be ordered to move through walls. But for destroying walls takes time, and soldiers climbers are vulnerable to arrows and melee attacks.
Remember that the longer the siege lasts, the more damage get walls of the settlement. The weaker the walls, the faster they will fall by artillery fire early in the battle. At high levels of escalation in some parts of the wall might not automatically collapse in the beginning of the battle, which may allow to immediately enter the city. Walls can also be destroyed before the battle by blasting.
the Equipment for siege
If the attacking army has no artillery, then start the battle, you will need siege equipment. Its Assembly takes some time, and to order the construction of a dashboard of the siege. The number of structures determined by the capabilities of the attacker. Building capacity increases in accordance with the number of men in the army, so a larger army will eventually be able to build more equipment.


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