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Video: John Wick looks great as a game for the NES

When any cultural phenomenon is popular enough, somebody reinvents it as a 8-bit game for the NES — that’s what happened with John Wick. With the release in cinemas of the third part of the action movie with Keanu Reeves in the title role, a Brazilian independent game developer, known as JoyMasher, and his friend Dominic Ninmark created the imitation game John Wick for NES and posted the video on YouTube.
Video 8-bit platformer in which the main character deals with a lot of enemies, crouches and jumps to avoid enemy fire, and stops firing in response. In the end John Wick kills an enemy helicopter, and then is reunited with his dog. Beautiful.
Although John Wick NES and looks like a genuine game for the cult 8-bit Nintendo, now by game adaptation of John Wick. This project is in the unexpected genre of turn-based tactics is created by Studio Mike Bithell, known for projects Volume, Thomas Was Alone, Subsurface Circular.
People who can’t wait to be in the game master guns, can play in official mode John Wick, which recently became available in the Royal rumble Fortnite.


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