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Fire Up That Gaming Console And Social Distance The Right Way

(Photo: Gamespot)
Gaming with your friends and practicing social distancing
A lot of people have been struggling with what to do at home since social distancing came into play. Adjusting to the loneliness of life during the pandemic might seem difficult at first, but there is an unexpected community waiting for those who are willing to venture online.
Gamers—what many believe to be pajama-wearing basement dwellers—have spent years building and maintaining online communities. Instead of navigating communities of the real world, they have pioneered communication, relationships, and intimacy at a distance over the Internet.
Gaming, whether online or not, maintains physical distance while occupying your mind and giving you some fun goals to complete. But if you’re new to the gaming world yet still own a PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch or Xbox One, then here are some recommended games that are equally entertaining and community building.
If you haven’t heard by now, “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” is selling like hotcakes. It is currently the fastest-selling Switch game ever in Japan with 1.88 million physical copies sold on its first weekend of release. The simulation game is for kids—and adults—of all ages that place the gamer on a deserted island to enhance and build their own “paradise,” as described by the game’s website, using only natural resources.
Once settled into your new island, “Animal Crossing” allows players to connect with other players either through local play that does not require an Internet connection or a Nintendo online subscription. Either way, you can visit another person’s island or they can visit yours.
If you haven’t heard of Minecraft, then trust me, your kids certainly have. Minecraft is probably the most popular game in the gaming world, and even though it may look graphically unimpressive, the open-world platform is engaging, educational and creative.
Together, players from all over can build their own world—much like Legos without the mess—by “mining” for all the materials they need to live. Anything from a house to a castle can be built; the opportunities are infinite, the game is available across many platforms, and there are several modes of play.
Minecraft allows players to join in each other’s worlds to play, fight, build and create without the limits of the real world. Another fun game that is game night with friends right from the comfort of your own home is Jackbox Games.
Dubbed “the wildest Party Pack yet” on its website, this game utilizes phones or tablets as controllers and allows up to 10 players and an audience of up to 10,000. Available across many different platforms, the games-whether trivia, drawing or writing jokes—provides hours of entertainment for friends and family even if no one is physically together.
So what are you waiting for? Social distance the right way and play your favorite games together with friends and family!
By: Maytinee Kramer


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