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Miss England Returns To Work As NHS Doctor

(Photo: Mercury Press)
Miss England 2019 hangs up her crown to return to medical field as NHS worker
Bhasha Mukherjee was crowned Miss England in 2019, but in light of the ongoing pandemic, the beauty queen has hung up her crown to continue her career as a doctor. She returned to the United Kingdom from overseas charity work and will work as a junior doctor.
After taking a career break to compete in the Miss World pageant in December 2019 and representing England, Mukherjee was invited to be an ambassador for several charities. She initially had plans to focus on humanitarian work until August.
In an interview with CNN, Mukherjee said that she was invited to Africa, Turkey, India, Pakistan and several other Asian countries “for various charity work.”

"My services would be much more useful in a hospital."
Miss England 2019 puts aside her crown to go back to work as a doctor during the #coronavirus pandemic.
Read more about her story here: https://t.co/VhvfQjHWlh pic.twitter.com/nksGDunPn4
— SkyNews (@SkyNews) April 7, 2020

Just last month, Miss England was in India for four weeks as the ambassador for Coventry Mercia Lions Club, a development and community charity. She and the organization visited schools to donate stationary and provide financial support to a home for abandoned girls.
However, after being informed of the worsening situation back home, Mukherjee contacted her old hospital, the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston, eastern England, to let them know she wanted to return to work.
Before returning to work, Mukherjee self-isolated herself for two weeks. She specializes in repository medicine; however, doctors are being rotated to wherever they are needed.


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