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Rage of the dragons in the trailer for the release Online TES: Elsweyr on PC

Bethesda Softworks has unveiled another trailer on the expansion of Elsweyr for Elder Scrolls Online, the main feature of which is the return of dragons to Tamriel. These creatures are still absent in The Elder Scrolls Online, because, according to legend, they disappeared completely from the face of Tamriel for many centuries before appear again only in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The video shows this ancient threat in action.
“We are free, my brothers! Now we will destroy this world! We will finish what we started a long time ago. We get what is rightfully ours. Mortals will not stand against us. And those who dare, you will die. The hour of our rage. Now we will rule the world! Nothing can stop the rage of the dragons,” says the voice of the ancient flying lizard under the extracts of the gameplay.
The Main attack will cause Elsweyr, where the Khajiit will have to fight to protect their homeland from the wrath of the winged monsters. In Elsweyr, players will help the Khajiit and their defenders, coming to the battle with the dragons. The promised epic story mode Trial to 12 players and the exciting events of the hunting dragon.
Addition Elsweyr was announced in January. In February, the developers have told about features of new hot and exotic locations, where the race of Khajiit, well known for his sharp wit and skill (players will be acquainted with their culture, history and life). While fans of TES Online acquainted with released prequel, Wrathstone, the developers told about the details of the class necromancers, which will be part of Elsweyr.
Pre-order The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr is still possible to obtain, at the same time having a mount Rahd-m Athra, a basic version of Elder Scrolls Online, chapters, Morrowind and Summerset, and Elsweyr also suit Noble Clan-Chief, pet Blue Dragon Imp, Baandari Peddler Crate and other digital bonuses. The launch of The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 scheduled for June 4, 2019, and the owners of systems based on Windows and macOS may 20 can get early access.


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