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Broward Teachers To Get $2,300 To $8,000 Salary Boost

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Broward Teachers May Recieve Raise Soon
For at least the next four years, Broward teachers will get a raise of $2,300 to $8,000 in salary. Voters in August passed a $93 million referendum to provide teachers with extra pay.
Union members must still vote to approve it, but Union President Anna Fusco said she expects will happen.
“That’s a ginormous accomplishment that I know our educators are going to be very grateful for,” teachers union President Anna Fusco said in a statement. “Thank you to the public that voted in August and saw the value of our educators. You saw that, unfortunately, our state, sometimes, doesn’t realize you need to add more to the budget.”

As for base pay, most teachers will get a 2.16 percent increase for 2019-20 after the Florida Legislature solidifies its budget.
The supplements are guaranteed through 2022. However, unless the school district asks voters to renew the referendum and voters approve, the salary boost will go away, Superintendent Robert Runcie said.
The current salary for Broward teachers start at $41,000 and goes as high as $75,000.
In terms of healthcare payments, “It is a benefit that all employees of BCPS had for a very long time,” Fusco added. “Keeping it intact was a very big win.”
By: Maytinee Kramer


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