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How to get the perfect skin in Red Dead Redemption 2

Trade in skins of wild animals – one of the main directions of the economy of the Wild West in the period from the XVII to the beginning of the XX centuries. Since Rockstar cherishes every detail of that time, it is not surprising that this lesson plays an important role during the adventures of Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2 .
We will tell you how to get perfect skins without defects, where to store them, whom to sell and for what to use.
What to do with skins and where to store them
So, you hunted an animal, killed it and flayed it, getting a skin on your hands. What’s next? To start, call your mount or go to him yourself to hide the skin in saddle bags, where it will be stored until you figure out what to do with it. At any time you can find this skin, interacting with saddlebags on a horse, or by selecting the appropriate section in the store menu.
As soon as you leave the skin in the bags, you will have to decide what to do with them. You can sell the skin at a regular store in the nearest town, donate it to Mr. Pearson at the Datca camp or, most importantly, deliver your best skins to the hunter in order to create new equipment. Where to sell skins
You can sell skins in most ordinary stores or some retail stores specializing in the sale of hunting equipment. Probably the best idea would be to leave the best skin to be processed by the hunter, which will allow you to create unique items that can not be obtained anywhere else. But if you need a few dollars to deposit them in a common “pot” of the gang, you can sell these skins.
At an early stage of the game, the best place to sell skins will be Valentine, which provides access to various stores.
How to get perfect skins
You can learn how to get perfect skins from the very beginning of the game. To determine which animal will provide the perfect skin, you need to use binoculars. You can find it on the Arthur Morgan bag toolbox. Equip your binoculars, use the left stick to change the approximation. When you find an animal, then click on the R1 button to study and identify it. Next to the beast will be three stars. If they are all filled, then killing it will be possible to get the perfect skin.
But having three stars is only half the battle. Careless handling of the animal, a rude approach to its destruction can lead to damage to the skin and lower quality, so avoid using too powerful weapons. So, as soon as you find an animal with three stars, then use the weapon that the game tells you about. It is also advisable to shoot exactly in the head. This is especially true when using onions against animals of medium and small size – for example, deer or hares.
To learn information on animals, go to the pause menu or click on R1 when you look at the animal through binoculars.


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