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Shooter Elizabeth ash new character Overwatch

In Shadowrun will be a new character, Elizabeth ash, a longtime friend Jesse McCree and the leader of the gang Dead. In battle she uses a rifle and can jump high. Her ultimate ability — summon the fearsome robot of the bean.
The Exact date of the appearance of the main character in the game yet.

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New Cinematic Overwatch Devoted to McCree

During BlizzCon 2018, a new cinematic movie Overwatch dedicated to McCree was shown. Before that, on the Blizzard stage, game director Jeff Kaplan recalled all the achievements of his team in 2018.
The video gives an idea of ​​how the “Highway 66” map turned into what players see in matches.
The video shows Ecko (white), mechanical Bob, cool McCree and 21st hero Overwatch – Ash (ASHE).


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