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Pantheon from League of Legends will receive the update

Leading producer of Champions updates League of Legends Ryan Reav3 Mireles announced the Riot Games plans for the near future. This year fans should expect two rework and changing priorities.
From the second half of 2019 Riot Games will switch their attention from processing the old Champions create a new one. The company believes that characters requiring rework, there’s not much left, so throw all the forces to update the Champions makes no sense.

We continue to believe that revici extremely important, and don’t want to give them up – yet the game has enough Champions that require updating. But now the list is not so great as before, and the Champions it’s not so outdated — and therefore the output frequency will become lower.
In the near future the developers will rework Mordekaiser and Pantheon. The exterior of the latest redesigned from scratch, update its history and add uniqueness compared to other Champions. The main feature of the new Pantheon should be a shield that will often involved in the skill set.
The Next new champion will be the killer single line that relies on attack power. According to Reav3, the hero will belong to the new faction, which is hidden from the rest of the world in the jungle. The champion will be a set of skills, allowing you to use entourage.
At the end of the year in the League of Legends will appear in the “original shooter”. Details the developer did not disclose.


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