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Take A Ride On The Mickey Bullet Train In Japan

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Japan’s Mickey-Inspired Shinkansen
Japan is indeed one country that has a variety of festive rides! And without a doubt, Japan’s Shinkansen is already the coolest and fastest way to get around the country. But every now and then, the operator of JR (Japan Railways) likes to add a dash of kawaii to its bullet trains by decking the trains out in special salutes to beloved animated series.
In recent years the Shinkansen has been inspired and decorated by Japanese icons Evangelion and Hello Kitty, but this month will be the very first time a Disney shinkansen will go into operation.

JR’s Go! Waku Waku Trip with Mickey is the Mickey Mouse shinkansen, which promises a “waku waku” (fun and exciting) journey for passengers. Each of the train’s six cars is decorated with illustrations of Mickey Mouse enjoying a summertime trip, but to further emphasize the culture of Japan. Each train also includes localized touches such as a Japanese-style watermelon and a traditional bathing basin and washcloth to be used in an onsen hot spring.
The JR will also sell a variety of limited-edition merchandise such as pouches, notebooks, and pins with the Mickey Shinkansen artwork, all of which can be purchased onboard the train and at train stations and adjacent shopping centers.

The train trip itself is operated by JR Kyushu and runs along the Kagoshima route, which connects Hakata Station (located in Fukuoka) with Kagoshima Chuo Station, at the southern end of the island, allowing for the train to pass through Kumamoto along the way.
By: Maytinee Kramer


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