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The list of achievements of the new add-on for Spider-Man has been published.

It looks like the release of the second add-on for Spider-Man is really not far off. The ExoPhase website appeared a list of the achievements of the upcoming DLC ​​called Turf Wars, which slightly reveals future content.
As already known, the addition will continue the storyline begun in The Heist, which means that players will be given the opportunity to defeat the Sledgehammer. New strongholds with gangsters and tests of the Crank also will not do.

If you believe the message in the game itself, Turf Wars will be available on November 20th.

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The release trailer combat steel platform Platform Steel Rats

Tate Multimedia developers have released the release trailer for the Steel Rats combat platform. The game is already available for purchase on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.
The main characters of Steel Rats – are four bikers from the Gang of Steel rats who fight garbage cans in the retro-futuristic world made in the style of the USA of the 1940s.
Gamers can switch between characters at any time, saw enemies with circular saws embedded in motorcycle wheels, burn opponents with flame from exhaust pipes and use other weapons.

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Debut Trailer for Cyberpunk Simulator Cloudpunk Simulator

The first trailer of the Cloudpunk cyberpunk simulator came out. The game was developed by German indie studio ION LANDS, which previously released the adventure game about Phoning Home robots.
The Cloudpunk action takes place in the futuristic city of Nivalis, where the semi-legal Cloudpunk delivery service operates. The main heroine of the game, Rania, arranges for a corporation as a courier and delivers goods all over the megalopolis – from the lower levels, called Roots, to the skyscrapers leaving for the troposphere.
As you progress through the players will learn criminal corporate secrets, meet different characters, such as robots and artificial intelligence, and make decisions that affect the fate of the people of Nivalis.
Cloudpunk should be released on PC in 2019.

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Total War: Warhammer 2 release trailer for Curse of the Vampire Coast add-on

Creative Assembly Studio introduced the final trailer for the Curse of the Vampire Coast add-on for Total War: Warhammer 2 . The video showed the introductory scene from the story campaign of the new faction.
Players will be able to lead into battle terrible sea zombie pirates, underwater creatures with huge claws, ghostly monsters and other creatures of the ocean. No cost and without new lords, a unique tree of technology, ships, schools of magic and other innovations.
The Curse of the Vampire Coast add-on is already available at Steam .

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Leaders of the Alliance and the Horde in the new short film World of Warcraft

During Blizzcon 2018, a new short film from World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth called “Disgrace.” It demonstrates the dialogue of the leader Horde Saurfang with King Anduin.

Varok Saurfang is imprisoned in Stormwind, in the heart of the Alliance. And not only a face-to-face conversation with King Anduin Wrynn awaits him, but also a much more complicated internal dilemma.

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Diablo Immortal – a new part of the series for mobile devices

Blizzard announced Diablo Immortal . This is a new game that will affect the events between the second and third part of the series. It will be released on mobile devices.
Blizzard and NetEase Games are involved in the development. The demo is available on Blizzcon 2018.

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Shooter Elizabeth ash new character Overwatch

In Shadowrun will be a new character, Elizabeth ash, a longtime friend Jesse McCree and the leader of the gang Dead. In battle she uses a rifle and can jump high. Her ultimate ability — summon the fearsome robot of the bean.
The Exact date of the appearance of the main character in the game yet.

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Announced Warcraft III: Reforged, release in 2019

It has just been announced by Warcraft III: Reforged. The original was released in 2002, so it will be a full remaster. The game will be released next year and will receive completely reworked animations, an improved interface and other improvements.
A demo version will be available on Blizzcon 2018.

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New Cinematic Overwatch Devoted to McCree

During BlizzCon 2018, a new cinematic movie Overwatch dedicated to McCree was shown. Before that, on the Blizzard stage, game director Jeff Kaplan recalled all the achievements of his team in 2018.
The video gives an idea of ​​how the “Highway 66” map turned into what players see in matches.
The video shows Ecko (white), mechanical Bob, cool McCree and 21st hero Overwatch – Ash (ASHE).

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For the first time ever, a completely original Nexus character will appear in Heroes of the Storm.

During BlizzCon 2018, they announced a new character for Heroes of the Storm . This is the “first hero from the Nexus”, not borrowed from other Blizzard games – the heir to the Crow Court of Orpheus. It is already available in the game and is free for BlizzCon virtual ticket holders.


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