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How This Kid Could Make For A Promising Politician

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I’ve heard people joke that a child could be a better politician than most of the guys we’ve got up in the White House right now. Let’s go to “Short Takes” and see if we can quantify that joke.
Say hello to Trevor, a young lad hanging out and watching a protest in front of the White House. Trevor was asked for his opinion on some of the hot button topics. When asked what he would be talking about if he had a position in the White House, he chose global warming, believing would should be in constant talks about it.

In addition to that, he said that we should be finding ways to adjust the cost of healthcare so that it can be affordable for everyone, noting that that was the reason for the protest he was watching. Lastly, he would talk about the immigration situation, specifically the injustice of sending children who grew up in the US to their native countries.
In response to all of these answers, our host simply handed young Trevor his microphone and press badge, adding that he could come claim his desk whenever he felt like it. So, as it turns out, a child really could be a better politician than the guys we’ve got now. What an interesting time we live in.


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