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Crunky finished the €60k HU Soldier

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Marcus (or Crunky as he is known in the community) from Sweden finished his €60.000 Hu Soldier Coaching for Profits program.


We had an interview with him to get to know him better and ask how was his experience in the program.

Tell us a little about you. Where do you live and how is it to live there ?

I’m 29y young, father of two sons 2yo and 4yo and I live in Karlshamn, Sweden both in a house and a grinding apartment with a fellow grinder.

Marcus (Center) at BPC Camp in Marrakeck 2018 next to his program colleague Stefan.

When did you start playing poker and when you decided to take it more seriously?

I started when I joined BPC 3 years ago, yes a very long journey but I think I started to take it really seriously when I switched to the HU program 1year ago. I started with 6max nl2 and had failed shots at nl200 in the end when I decided to go HU instead. I started at nl50HU and right now I’m playing nl1K both HU and some 6max when the tables are good enough.

What is the biggest difference from before joining CFP to now?

Oh man, I have completely changed my life, I think that’s one part of why it took me so long, in the state I was in when I joined I would never have made it, but improving myself step by step and focusing on being just a little bit better every day have really changed my perspective, personality and everything around me. To be honest, even if I havent made any money from poker just this change to me would be worth all my time and money I have paid.

Say 3 things that you learned?

What it takes to earn money.How to live a good life. Even if its not taught directly they give all the tools to figure it out yourself.Poker obviously  🙂

How did you like the structure, material and coaching sessions on the program? Can you point one important thing you learned from each coach you had?

The Structure has changed a lot since I have been in the program for so long, I can just say that with every change it has improved.I will keep it to the HU coaches.

Gordon:Basically, I think he is the best in business, no one else comes close with the material I have seen from other sources.


To keep the game simple, Scott helped me get more disciplined and I think he is the perfect coach from small to midstakes in HU.


Since Lauri coached Scott it was easy to see where Scott got his style from, Lauri was a more advanced version of Scott and while still maintaining the discipline from Scott he helped me open up my game more.

What was the best part of being in the HU Soldier program?

Best part about HU is how fast you can earn 10K months.

17k month? easy

What do you think everybody should do in order to succeed? / Any advice for the other students?

Work harder, the problem I see a lot of people do and what I did myself before was playing too few hours. if you are 20yo without kids and a family it’s shameful to be below 250h per month if those that have family can put in 200h per month. do the work and you will be rewarded.

I thought about this some more, it’s also mandatory, at least it was for me to find someone outside of poker that really really care for your success, that will keep you motivated through the downswings and make you keep looking forward.

Now that you’re finished, what are your plans for the future poker-wise?

Earn alot more money! first goal is 100K. I’m also gonna travel and try to expand my network in the pokerworld.

Thank you very much for the interview Marcus! And congratulations again!

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S3cr3t Case Study: First €5.000 Contract Finisher

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Pretty much all of the times you see case studies being published in our blog the stories being told are about players finishing higher contracts (€30.000 or €60.000). That doesn’t mean that people’s accomplishments finishing smaller contracts (€5.000 or €10.000) are any less remarkable.
Today I’ll tell the story of Tadej “s3cr3t” he was the first student ever to finish our €5.000 contract in the NL 6-max Micro program.
Tadej joined the program in April 2016. 
His story with poker started way before that, in 2008. He played poker for 6 years earning double/triple average student salary but ended up quitting after burning the cash reserves he had for poker.
Coaching for Profits time!
When he joined the program he was very skeptical about the strategy taught in the NL 6-max Micro program. But as a good student, he listed to his coaches and did what they suggested.
He started playing a mix of NL2 and NL4 to get used to the lines but soon after that, he started playing NL10.
His goals were very ambitious, starting at the limits he started he wanted to reach €6.000 in profits in the following 4 months.
At least he knew what he needed to do to achieve that, play at least 200 hours per month, post trouble hands on the forum, practice Uhlvar Equity, participate in the coaching sessions and study as much as possible. This way he was in the correct track to meet his goals.
Despite having problems with tilt, the first month of the challenge went really well, he earned €1534 at the tables. It might not look like much, especially considering what people in the other Coaching for Profits programs are earning, but you need to consider he earned that playing only NL10.
In the following month, he attempted to move up to NL20 but ended up not being as successful at the limit in comparison to how he performed in NL10, but he still ended up having a nice profit earning €1457 at the tables.
And in his last 2 months on the program, he earned €894 and €1118 finishing his contract with the best week in the program.
“I made an update on my CFP software yesterday and it showed a €5.003 profit so I finished NL 6-max Micro Program. Well, in a way i Ias hoping I could be one week more in so I can finally watch some videos again but whatever, if it was meant to be it was meant to be. For now, I wont take crusher contract because, to be honest, last probably almost 2 months I didnt watch more than 3 coaching videos in my courses. So why would I pay for something if  I dont use it?
Last week was my best week in this program I even got into top 5 rankings which is a bit sad we really are not doing well as a group this month if I squeezed in.
Here are my updates from last week. It was supposed to be every day €100+ but on Thursday when I was getting going with the grinding I lost internet connection, which was very annoying.”

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CASE STUDY: How KanelBullar Made His First €60k With BPC

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Before Jonas aka KanelBullar, joined the BPC family he was a poster child for the classic mid-stakes Grinder with a capital G.
Like so many players, he worked on his game when he first started, hammering his way up the stakes playing mostly no-limit hold’em at the six-max tables. And just like the many, he got to about $100NL and something didn’t click. You can take your game so far when you treat it as a hobby. A lot of people hit those diminishing returns and hit the ‘Esc’ button or go on coasting.
Jonas had fallen into that camp. As he wrote in his introductory blog about himself: “Even during the best times in the past, I’ve never played higher than NL200 with most of my volume on NL100 during the last 5-6 years or so. Since 2 years, I got pretty lazy (at least in regards to poker) and did not really improve anymore, which resulted in the consequence that I had to drop down in stakes.”
We hear this story a lot.
January 2015, was the crunch point. He made a decision, he could carry on grinding out a flat graph or he could get some coaching and take it to the next level.
Guess which one he went with. In his words:
“Since I felt that I needed a bigger change and be very very VERY serious about poker again, I applied for Coaching For Profits.”
Why Best Poker Coaching?

Well, it is in the name really isn’t it? You want to be the best, you have to learn from the best. But don’t take our word for it, take KanelBullar’s:
“I absolutely like the attitude here at BPC so far and am completely sure I will not only massively improve at the game, but also in several aspects of life too. The professionalism that comes to light of day here is amazing and an inspiration to me to become the best possible version of myself.”
He decided that heads up would be just the change of scene he needed and to learn to beat it he enrolled in the No Limit Hold’em Heads Up Soldier Coaching Program (NLHU Soldier).
A Little Background On Swedish Baked Goods
Although Jonas hails from Deutschland, when he started his poker journey with BPC he was living in his home away from home in Sweden. That’s already an auspicious start, we know what Scandinavian players are like. (It’s also where his handle comes from: the Swedish pastries known as “kanelbullar” are one of many Teutonic takes on the cinnamon swirl).
Between being a Masters Student, a BPC student, and putting in the volume at the tables he was quick to find that its hard work becoming the best. He put iron discipline in place to keep on track, carving out the non-essentials and focussing on what mattered. So poker, I guess?

That didn’t stop him from having a nice holiday to see the Northern Lights and ride a dog-driven sledge at Kiruna in Northern Sweden. It’s good to be your own boss.
“Volume and studying goals are 40h – 15h,” he wrote early on and with the exception of his numerous holidays – Kiruna, Copenhagen, Bali – he made good on that commitment to volume.
Practice Makes Progress
Just like it is for many BPC students, the first few months were the hardest for Jonas. It takes time to tear down your game, find and plug leaks, and adapt to the new strategies and concepts that are thrown at you.
In April 2015, just three months in he was feeling down, writing of his graph for May: “Ugly piece of shit of a graph. I’m even tilted to look at it so rather grind some more… Will give everything to avoid such a huge disappointment in April again.” And that’s how he felt when he finished a month €1,200 to the good.
We like that. We want our people to want to win. And win BIG.

Like most players, he struggled with the head-space part of poker. Tilt and results-oriented thinking dogged him.
For help with that he had his BPC coaches. The BPC syllabus has a focus on managing your headspace while you play and away from the table. If you can beat poker tilt you can beat life tilt and vice versa. He put his hours in, posted his exercises to the blog and was generally a model student.
It all started coming together for him after a few months when his graph began to look a bit more consistent in its month by month improvement.
Getting Into the Grind
He worked his ass off going forward, but something wasn’t quite clicking. He had some bad luck with game selection as the net tightened on online poker further in late-2015, early-2016. A bunch of smaller, highly profitable sites evaporated and the market-place seemed bleak for the poker sites as well as the players.
Some days Jonas was struggling to find two $50NL opponents to rub together, let alone getting decent volume in at the $100NL and $200NL levels. And it was those higher levels he was raring to be playing.
With the pond shrinking so did the pool of fish and HU was becoming grinder vs. grinder battles to eke out an edge. Jonas nearly threw the towel in.
Reading his old blogs it feels like he is constantly swimming upstream in this period; but no matter how hard the challenge got, he stuck with the program. If he found a leak he worked with his coaches to plug it, if he found a new line he analysed it to death, and bit by bit as the games changed, Jonas adapted.
Even the ever better opponents he was playing against couldn’t daunt him. By October 2015, Jonas was looking good. “So, October is over and I was able to reach a new record month, making €6,953,” he wrote. But good isn’t great, and Jonas gets that.
Even in his triumph he found a place he could improve: “I am not so happy about this, as I only played around 130 hours.” That’s the BPC way: to push and push our students until they achieve greatness.
Unfortunately no one can push onwards forever, and in April 2016 he was feeling down about poker again. Jonas had had enough and told himself he’d give it one more month. After that he’d look at some different career paths… Then – in his darkest hour – everything started to click. In April he broke his October record.
He made over eight-grand in April. Of that about €6k rolled in just in the last week of the month alone. The final tally was €8,162.
That €8,162 month put him within spitting distance of his contracted €60,000 CFP goal. One of the nice things about working with BPC is the community that is by turns highly supportive, brutally honest, and deeply competetive. The comments on his blog reflect that atmosphere as players came out of the woodwork to cheer him on over the finishing line.
He had a masters dissertation to submit in May, so despite hoping he’d be done that month he wasn’t able to hit his volume goals. Some bad luck left him with a little under €3,000 still to go. Leaving us all on tenterhooks.
Life as a BPC Alumni

When the final day of his contract came on June 15th, 2016 he finally got to write the bittersweet words:
“Hi everyone, I finished my profit target of CFP and am done with the program now! It’s been a ride! […] I don’t really know yet what the future will be for me in regards to poker. Gonna keep playing for now and try to make some profits on my own.”
It was one year, five months and one day after he signed his contract with BPC and he’d gone from stagnating as a player to living his life on his terms. Playing a game he loved and earning enough at it to pay his bills, travel the world and set his own hours.
It is a proud moment to see them fly for themselves, but always sad to see them move on. Before he took off, we got his one piece of advice to those who want to follow in his footsteps:
“Listen to your coach and do everything he says! Cut the BS and keep working if you really want to succeed.”
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CASE STUDY: Janez Translates Determination Into €60k

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Found in Translation
Janez joined the Best Poker Coaching heads up program back when it was still just called Coaching For Profits and you could pick any colour so long as it was heads up or 6-max. He applied, got picked up and stuck in, crushed his way to the end of his contracted €60,000 profits and then joined up on the other side as coach and ultimately chief operating officer.
But that is getting ahead of the story, cus Janez’ journey from nine-to-five mug to head-ups money magnet took a roundabout route. After finishing his bachelor’s degree he left his native Slovenia for the equally rain-harrowed United Kingdom where he picked up a masters degree in modern philosophy. That university book learning was to come in handy later.
In the wake of his graduation he took to a translation gig at a local TV station back in Ljubljana. The grind ground him until the day his station bought a season of the PartyPoker Premier League. Needing the show translated for their audience they gave the tapes to Janez, and Janez not wanting to look like a total fool went out and bought himself a few books on the game including Harrington’s uber-opus.
He had the bug. After booted up his laptop to get a little practical experience playing sit’n’gos for a few bucks here and there it became pretty clear that there was more cash on the table for the players than the translators and he shifted his career focus.

Going Pro… Ish
It was towards the end of 2014 that Janez felt he needed something new in his life.
He’d put in a serious stint at poker. Several months passed with real time and effort sunk into online play and no sign of real improvement.
“I was not satisfied with where I was in life and poker, and decided to take up a challenge. I averaged around two-thousand euros per month,” he told High-Stakes Database in an interview. “But there was this moment when I asked myself, “Is this all you can do?” I was always watching a lot of poker videos and reading poker books, and I felt frustrated that with all this theoretical knowledge, I can’t make more money in practice. I felt I had to change something…”
With that €2k/month result he was prime material for Gordon’s then fledgling BPC Heads Up Soldier programme. A smart guy, with a proven track record of putting in the time. All he needed was the right mentor. He found that here.
To BPC and Beyond
Janez’ coaching for profit contract started in September of 2014. He came to the game with some confidence as a $50NL player and that was where he started the programme. He was living in Ljubljana with his girlfriend Ella and their tomato plants but he was readying himself for change.
Not just changing up his poker game, but changing his country of residence. The political situation was farcical, the weather miserable, and his tomato plants weren’t doing particularly well either. So he and she upped sticks, moving to Malta and leaving the land of his birth behind.
Expatriating himself in the middle of taking on a commitment to serious study and consistent play may not have been the best idea but Janez made it work. From his early blogs here at BPC:
“Ok, the first week of my challenge/coaching program is coming to an end. Looking back, it was a very intensive week. There was a lot of changes in the way I approach playing poker, from technical and organizational stuff, playing hours, monitoring productivity, etc. A lot of energy, time and focus went into things like posting and commenting on hands on the forum daily, even writing blogs, recording videos with camtasia, dealing with new poker rooms with different software, setting up cash flows to the rooms and so on. Many little new things, which add up and take a lot of time in the end.”
And all that while hunting up a new flat and working out where he could buy locally sourced vegetables.
Despite Moving to Malta over the first few months of his journey so he was still putting in the minimum of 35 hours while he dealt with the move, posting regular equity exercises to his blog and reaping the rewards that focus gives you.
Fair Pay for Hard Work
8 weeks in and he made the move to drop $50NL from his roster, moving up and taking on the higher stakes more consistently. By December 2014 he was already taking shots at $400NL. His blog posts from this period showed his introspection and self-analysis:
“Made a couple of BI there [at 400NL], so it looks I won’t be dropping back down, at least not anytime soon. In general, I feel I have quite a conservative style, and once I make a couple of BI it’s gonna be hard for people to take them away again. I don’t make big calls, and I’m almost never going AI, so I’m more about “slow and steady wins the race”. Maybe it’s just variance and I’m just not getting setups against the right opponents, I don’t know. It feels like I was going AI pre-BPC much more often.”
After feeling stagnant at €2k/month, in November he raked in €6k and taking shots at the $400NL games. He stuck at $400NL and finished December with a profit of €7.5k.
His graph had started tilting upwards and never seemed to stop. He was rocketing up through the stakes.

Along the way he learned a few life lessons. Like: “The thing is, you can’t just add a few new plays and think, ok, that’s it, I got a few new tricks, let’s go. When you start doing that, you get into a lot of unknown situations, and can do some really weird stuff, which later you wonder about what the hell was going on. When you start changing things, the whole construction of your game, so to speak, shifts, and adapts. If you’re not expecting that, you’re in for a ride, and even if you are expecting it, it will still surprise you.”
It also became clear that he had the ability to learn about poker while doing just about anything. Having relocated to an island he took up sailing as a hobby. From his BPC blog, it sounded like he learned more about his approach to poker than about that cruel mistress: the sea.
“Don’t try to race, if you can barely turn the boat,” he wrote. “Of course, you can’t help it, it’s so much fun and before you know it, you stack off… I mean, capsize. I took a few swims, capsizing the boat 3 times, but in the end, it was great stuff, and a good start to my sailing days.”
This way of thinking, drawing ideas from one place to illuminate or illustrate another is one of the things that makes Janez such a good coach, and it helped to make him a great player back then.
Under the tutelage of Rovar, he continued to make strides. His youtube videos became class favourites for their idiosyncratic style.

His proudest moment came 10 months and 18 days after he first picked up his pen and signed that contract. That was the day he hit his €60,000 profit margin and became a completely free agent again. For a while…
Back to BPC
By the time he had made his first €60,000 he was already embedded with the BPC team. He was asked to step in to lend a hand when Gordon took off for a hike through an internet free section of the Andean highlands.
He started out helping out here in the slow hours of poker grinding.
But as he took on more and more responsibility it became clear that he needed to be part of the team.
Once he graduated with flying colours he was a pro with a record of crushing the $400NL heads up matches, an alumnus of the BPC programme who’d seen what works and what doesn’t from the student’s side, and someone who had proved again and again that he was willing to put the perspiration in that you need to make the inspiration pay.
So, Gordon made him an offer; Janez was part of the family.
Now, Janez is COO of BPC, finding less time for coaching and griding, and developing his shark instincts in the business world beyond the tables.

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CASE STUDY: Fred Dominates HU Program

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Scott Driscoll (also known as “Fred” online) knows what it’s like to grind and be patient. It took some time, but this 30-year-old player from the U.K. completed the NLHU Soldier Coaching program in 2017. He earned €60,000 in profits in two years and seven days as a BPC student.
Fred is now a coach in the HU Soldier program and helping others reach their goals. Looking back, Fred is thankful for what he he’s accomplished and those who helped him get there noting: “The best part is having great coaches and feeling the improvement come month after month.”
Fred has been playing poker for around 12 years, spending the nine years before he joined BPC playing Limit Hold’em on several sites. Like others, he wasn’t having the results he sought. Some extra motivation and strategies might be good for his game.

“I have come to the conclusion I need to learn a new game,” he wrote in his first blog post. “I’ve joined CFP because I feel like I need a push from someone. I feel like I don’t put enough hours in at the table these days, so hopefully that will get solved.”
Fred admitted he was “pretty rubbish” at no limit games and called bets too much. He knew to get anywhere in poker, he needed a coach.
“This feels like it can be a new start for me as 2015 is coming to an end,” he wrote in his blog. “So next year I can start afresh with learning NL and hopefully begin crushing the plebs!”
While he knew he had a long way to go, Fred was ready to get started and even posted a photo of his new exercise/poker room – perfect for staying in shape and mixing it up at the tables. He was ready to go.

After steady growth throughout 2016 and 2017, Fred’s graph exploded in late-2017. It was as if all the information he had been taught came together at once. The rise occurred right after the 2017 Poker Camp in Cannes, France, and he credits the event as a major turning point in his success. What was a highlight?

“Meeting Gordon,” he says. “Before, he was just a guy who gave me advice about poker over videos. I hadn’t met him or knew anything about him. But after meeting him, everything changed. It was so much easier to accept everything he said. And it is not like I was doing the opposite of what he said before, but everything just became easy and simple for me.”
Life wasn’t always perfect during his big run however. In March of last year, he vented a few frustrations about some of his sessions at the tables.
“Overall, I’ve had some really swingy days,” Fred noted in his blog. “A man took €600 off me, and the he left. And that’s happened to me twice this week. I think I’m about break-even this week.”

By the end of 2016, Fred was still in the €15,000 profit range, but there were more good days than bad and his profits continued to grow. They really picked up in 2017.
When he began with BPC, Fred was in the 6max program, but realized it wasn’t his best game. While he was successful at 6max, he made the switch to NLHU and moved his game into high gear.
“I don’t know why I decided 6max when I had played so much HU limit, but we all live and learn,” he says. “I got to the right place in the end.”
By late 2017, Fred completed four consecutive months of reaching the €10,000 mark – quite an impressive feat. His work and studies were paying big dividends and credits his success with his BPC coaches: “Each coach has taught me some poker logic but they also teach you other things outside of poker.”
After occasional setbacks and switching programs, Fred reached his goal of cmpleting the program on Dec. 28, 2017. It was a great feeling, he says, and gave him a real sense of accomplishment at accumulating a total of €60,324. What were some of the most important things he learned in the program? He offered some insight on how BPC not only changed his poker game, but his life habits in general.
“For poker, the logic to break down situations so you can come to the right decision even if you are unfamiliar with the situation,” he says. “For outside poker, discipline to do the right things every day, setting goals and looking at them frequently – and getting a huge work ethic instead of being a lazy ass.”

When becoming a BPT student, Fred advises others to take it seriously and realize that reaching those goals requires a major commitment.
“I think everybody who wants to finish as soon as possible should stop watching TV and stop playing video games and just focus on poker,” he says. “It will take over your life, but it’s better than giving only 50 or 70 percent, and at the end of the year being unhappy with your results. You can always do these things once you achieve your goals.”
The site has given him some traits that he feels he didn’t have before. Fred now has a normal routine, and a poker regimen that he follows to play at his best.
“The biggest difference is,” he says, “is that I have discipline in everything I do.”
As a HU master, this poker Jedi is now out to help other HU students. After his own journey, Fred now has a lot to offer others who may have been in his position. So far he is also learning himself through interactions with those he’s training.
“I have been enjoying coaching,” he says. “Sometimes students ask me questions which force me to think, ‘How can I to explain it in a clear and easily understandable way.’ And other times they ask me about a spot that I am unsure about, and it shows where I need to spend some time to improve my logic. I think this will also improve my game a lot over the next few months.”

Teaching enthusiastic students who want to get better has motivated him to teach them everything he’s learned, “So they can get to the €10,000 months also.”
Now that he’s finished his contract and taking on more students, what are some of Fred’s goals in poker and in life? He’s a man of action and has no plans to slow down.
“My future plans are to keep playing NLHU and see how close I can get to finishing my three-year and five-year goals sooner,” he says. “In life outside of poker, I will still do the same things. Every Monday evening I go salsa dancing. I think I’ll probably take a few vacations – and that’s about it.”
So what about your poker skills? Have you hit a wall in your growth as a player? Maybe the profits aren’t where you’d like them to be or you’re looking to move up in stakes.
Whatever the case, BPC may be your answer. Like Fred, the program can help you learn how to crush at the tables. BPC is more than just training and coaching, it’s a community where players motivate each other, learn from each other, and become friends through amazing events like the upcoming Poker Camp in Marrakesh, Morocco.
When you’re part of BPC things that didn’t seem possible become a reality. What are you waiting for? Get on board and start winning today.
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CASE STUDY: Piotr “Goodfake” Leszczynski

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Piotr Leszcynski was 23 when he came to Best Poker Coaching in late 2014. He’d been playing for a while (about three years) and was doing a bit of short handed $0.25/$0.50 NLH. By his own admission he wasn’t “making much money,” instead he played just to get a little extra spending money for the finer things, if not quite the finest.
“I just wanted to have $$$ for parties,clothes, gym and other things,” he wrote in his first blog post after signing up for the NLHU Soldier Coaching programme. But in December 2014 he made the decision that now was the time to was time to get serious.
He booted up his computer, signed up with Best Poker Coaching and Piotr “Goodfake” Leszcynski, heads-up pro was born.
Early Days

The first thing we had him do was play a few thousand hands of heads up $4NL. Not the most auspicious start you might think for someone who’d been doing alright at $0.25/$0.50, but it gave Piotr time to adapt to heads up play and our coaches a baseline to build from without putting too much of his roll on the line.
It was a good start for Goodfake, he was winning at about 30BB/100 over his first 10k hands at the ultra-micros. After going over the basics with his personal coach ilidek he soon moved back up to $50NL and the course began in earnest.
And earnest is the right word.
His first experiences at NL that level were pretty positive. They were so positive because he was an incredibly diligent student, doing all his assignments, putting in the volume, listening and working closely with his coach. In his blog he wrote:
“nolife mode: ON. This weekend ive played so much 21,5h of grind in 2 days, fk the parties :D. Results are very good too in last 8 days since i started to play NL50 i’ve made profit about 2k+Euro without rb’s.”
He’s one of those people who really throw themselves into things. He didn’t like his body, so he hit the gym. He was bad with girls, so he went out and practiced talking to strangers. He wasn’t earning his living at the game he loved, so he came to us.
His natural spark for hard work was bolstered not only by the professional coaching he was receiving but the great community we’ve built up here at Best Poker Coaching. “i play a lot,” Piotr wrote in his blog at the end of that first month. “i work on my game a lot, there is no capability to procrastination. Everyone helps each other, no1 works only for himself. I feel that all of us gonna make huge progress in one year. SKY IS THE LIMIT.”

It paid off. That first month on the Heads Up Soldier programme he won €2.7k after putting in time at the table for twenty-eight of the first thirty-one days.
Like most of our students he found his occasional session with Gordon an eye-opening experience! Luckily he took and Gordon meshed well and we all watched Piotr’s graph on its slow and steady rise.
The problem for Piotr though was that his rise was too steady at first. Despite all that diligence and relentless hard work that graph just wasn’t getting steeper. In fact for those first few months very few players have been as consistent as Piotr.
At first this was encouraging and it drove him to redouble his efforts, looking to increase the number of hands he played. He also undertook a new fitness regime, pumping iron and increasing his calorie intake to a whopping 4,000 cal/day, started meditating, and almost quit drinking alcohol altogether.
But eventually he hit a wall. Whether he got the yips or a case of the run-bads he had a few break even months in the middle of his steady €3-4,000 months that led to a sense of frustration.
“I figured out that i waste a lot of time while i wait for action, i check fkn FB , grindin youtube and doing other useless stuff instead of doing something productive. I don’t know why but im too lazy to turn on some materials now and start study during that time. It’s always like that and i hate it . . .”
All this time his poker playing was still funding regular trips to the sweetest spots in and around Eastern Europe, Slovenia, Croatia, the Ukraine. He even got a poker holiday to the Philippines and paid for his trip to Thailand out of his profits.
But Piotr aims high when he aims at all and he wanted more. Steady though his income was, he found he wasn’t showing the improvements he wanted. Until Dubrovnik happened.
The Dubrovnik Epiphany
At BPC we often arrange live events, gathering coaches, students and other members of our vast and diverse community of players in one place for a weekend of meetings, community events, and so much poker.
In the summer of 2015, about 8 months into Piotr’s contract with us, BPC went to Dubrovnik. It came at exactly the right time for him.

That week-end in Dubrovnik seemed to kick him into overdrive. Recharged by time spent with other hungry card sharks who were looking for the same kinds of success, he went on in September to take down his first five figure paycheck for a little of €11k.
He followed that up with the same again in in October, and then set a new record in his last month by taking down €14,352. He had completed his contract goal of €60,000 in profits, and with two-thirds of that windfall hitting his account in the last three months.
Paid Up and Flying Free

With his contract paid up and his skills razor sharp he’s off to new and greater things now. It took him just 10 months and 20 days to hit his goal of €60,000 profit.
I think he’ll probably have enough money for those “parties, clothes, and gyms and things now” and plenty more besides.
The sky is no longer the limit for Piotr. Now, he’s shooting for the stars.
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CASE STUDY: Maestro Conducts a Massive Turnaround

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Who wouldn’t want to earn €60,000 in profits? BPC student Tomas “Maestro” did just that. He completed the NLHU Soldier Coaching program and earned €60,000 in one year, six months and 16 days. Maestro is a great example of how a player can grow in both skill and in the drive to succeed.
Maestro has always been interested in games. An avid video game player from the Czech Republic, that interest actually led him to poker. He played Call of Duty 4 as part of a large Czech group. That group played a PokerStars tournament once a month for a $50 prize pool.
After playing in three tournaments in 2009, he won $1.47. He was hooked and began playing small stakes.
“I started reading articles about poker and was really fascinated by the game and the fact you can make money just by playing cards,” he says. “I never deposited my own money.”
He eventually was making €1,500 to €3,000 per month in a country with an average salary about €1,000 – not bad for a 21-year-old. Then he hit a bad streak at the table and in life. In May 2014, he accidentally broke his computer and also had to pay car repairs.

At the same time, Maestro started losing big at the tables and had to move down in stakes. His girlfriend also broke up with him and he owed his mother money.
“During those few months I had debt, no money, and no girlfriend,” he wrote in his first blog. “I played poker to get out of it, but wasn’t getting anywhere. I was super frustrated. I was thinking about quitting and starting some business, but even after reading lots of books on the subject, I didn’t have any idea what to start.”
BPC seemed like a lifeline. Maestro reached out to Gordon and was soon in the program – hoping to turn that bad streak around.
It was a climb with some ups and downs for the first half of his run in the program. There was some volatility, but halfway through Maestro’s results rocketed up. After about eight months, he reached the €20,000 mark and that continued to grow.
It wasn’t always easy, however, and in April 2015 he detailed a few of his frustrations including some with himself.

“It wasn’t all good days,” he wrote. “I had some losing days and also wasn’t in the right mode to play. I had to push myself to do something. Laziness is a terrible thing and it is probably my lifelong goal to be more productive and less lazy.”
As an economics student in college, Maestro didn’t always have as much time to devote to poker. After some reflection, he was determined to set a better routine. He also began an exercise routine to better his mind and body.
“I have my goals written and I look at them every morning,” he says. “I remind myself every morning what is important.”
By December 2015, Maestro was on a roll and named Player of the Month after winning a hefty €11,000. He finally reached his goal and finished the program in August 2016.
“Today I just want to thank everybody who read my blog, and to my coaches who teach me the important stuff and push me when results weren’t very good,” he said. “Also thanks to my students because you learn most by teaching others.”
There may have been ups and downs, but Maestro learned plenty of life lessons along the way. How did BPC help improve his game?
“BPC definitely helped me with strategy,” he says. “However, my biggest problems were with discipline and motivation. I had lots of difficulties. Mainly it was my work ethic because before I had a huge problem with working long hours. Even before when I played like five hours, it was like, ‘Wow, I worked so much today.’”
After some nice profitable days, Maestro soon realized he had to reassess that thinking if he wanted to get where he needed to be. The BPC coaches and community helped shape his game and new outlook. His biggest inspiration from the BPC community came from “Illidek.”
“When I first found his blog, I was totally broke and loved his lifestyle,” he says. “A year and half later, I live the same way as he does.”

Along with having goals, Maestro made use of an interesting technique to stay motivated. He calls it “negative motivation.”
“I write down my goals on hours that I want to play that month, and If I don’t make it I will pay money to somebody,” he says. “That way I have no choice. Learn new stuff every day, that way you cultivate your passion and poker won´t become just your job but the thing you love to do.”
Along with making profits, playing more and finding a routine in life changed him as a person.
“Growing is what will keep your passion going,” he says. “Before BPC I stopped learning new stuff because I thought I knew everything I needed to know. If you stop growing you start dying. Growing is one of the main keys to happiness. People who constantly challenge themselves are much happier than people who are just passive.
Now with his program completed, Maestro has joined the BPC coaching pool. The Coaching for Profits program helped his game, and he hopes to share what he’s learned with others.
“Before CFP my motivation was swingy,” he says. “One day I played a lot and the next two days I didn’t play at all. I had big dreams, but I didn’t put enough work into making them reality.  I always wanted to be a productive person and I didn’t understand why my productivity is so swingy.”
Now he helps others focus on the important things and understand motivation as well as strategy, hands, and understanding different situations.
BPC has helped Maestro live his dreams – and that includes experiencing different parts of the world. He’s now lived in Thailand, Cambodia, and Malaysia, still playing poker and coaching students along the way.

After so many struggles with motivation and work ethic, he hopes to serve as an example for his fellow grinders on what can be achieved. He offers one last word of advice.
“Have an exact vision of your future written somewhere and look at it every day,” he says. “Otherwise, it is easy to slip out and become comfortable. Also, be around people who have goals, dreams, vision and are willing to work for it. I think this is a big strength of the BPC community of people who have all these things and support each other.”
So what about your own game? Have you also had trouble with motivation? Are your profits not where you hoped they’d be?
BPC may be your answer. The program can help you learn how to crush at the tables. BPC is more than just training and coaching, it’s a community where players motivate each other, learn from each other, and become friends through amazing events like the upcoming Poker Camp in Marrakesh, Morocco.
Like Maestro says, when you’re part of BPC things that didn’t seem possible become a reality. What are you waiting for? Get on board and start winning and raking in profits.
Sean Chaffin is a freelance writer in Texas. His work appears in numerous websites and publications such as Follow him on Twitter @PokerTraditions.
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CASE STUDY: Lateralus Goes from Micro Profits to Major Money

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It wasn’t easy, but he got there. Alex “Lateralus” began his NL 6-max Crusher Coaching program in October of 2015 and one year, three months and 10 days later he completed the program with €30,000 in profits.
The finish line came with some struggles: getting off track, disregarding some of his training, and learning to cope with occasional losses. But he stuck it out, adjusted his thinking about the game and put in plenty of hours. The hard work was well worth it in the end.
Before BPC, this 29-year-old Bosnian struggled with his online play. He had learned Texas Hold’em a year earlier, playing micro-stakes games and some freerolls. He had some success playing mostly 6max NL, but also mixed in some fixed limit, pot limit, and PLO.
While Laeralus won some money, the profits were small and admits he “donked some on tilt.” He needed something to keep him on track and to help turn those small profits into bigger winnings.

“I believe I can make it as poker player, that’s why I joined CFP program,” he wrote in his first blog entry. “My first goal is to finish micro CFP program, but I won’t not stop there.”
One thing he also found lacking was his approach to the game – he didn’t feel like he had the right mindset. He needed more confidence to make him realize that bigger profits were possible. His coaching and support from other BPC members would eventually change that as well.
The program didn’t start out as a rocket to big cash for Lateralus. There was a slow climb in profits, but even for the first two-thirds of the program he remained under the €10,000 mark. Lateralus stuck with the program and profits continued on a steady upward climb.
Even after a week of his studies, Lateralus noticed that he was reacting better to negative situations and realizing that not everything always goes perfectly in poker. Overcoming negative days is a big part of being successful.
“Done my preparing ritual and equity training,” he wrote in his blog. “Started playing and again – running really bad. Most importantly I didn’t get tilted and took the coolers okay.”
That’s part of the progress, adjusting to negative days and then coming back to reap profits. September of 2016 proved to be a pivotal month. The profits began to come, but Lateralus began to realize how close he was to breaking through to even more positive returns. He began to see that even more was possible.

By this time, Lateralus had achieved his goals of putting in more hours of play and study to get where he wanted to be. He also had a sense of satisfaction that his training and study was having good results.
“Overall September was pretty much a disappointing month,” he wrote in his blog. “Yes I profited €2,100, but after reviewing hands I see it could be easily have been a €5,000-plus month since I had bunch of mistakes. However, I am satisfied because it was a record month with both hands and hours played so far. I also had a day with 16 hours of grinding.”
Near the end of his program, Lateralus really seemed to hit his stride and put all that coaching and training together. A full 50 percent of his winnings came in less than a two-month time period right before finishing in January 2017.
He admits that he got off track a bit here and there, but ultimately used what he had been taught to succeed. What changed to move him to that point?
“I can easily say that the biggest influence was the Poker Camp in Malta,” he says. “As soon as I was able to put in enough hours at the tables, it just happened. I believe I picked up winning attitude and mindset.”
Near the end of his program, Lateralus had come so far as evidenced by his finish in December. After about 52,000 hands and 135 hours at the tables, he finished his record month with profits of €11,208. Overall, he was pleased with his play and how things really came together.
“I took a shot at NL200 that month,” he said. “I obviously ran good, but I was also playing solid and had decent table selecting.”

As members of the BPC community encouraged him and congratulated him on the huge month, one students noted that he thought Lateralus had won a nice tournament after such a big finish. After completing his program in January 2017, this Bosnian card crusher was ready to celebrate.
“Woohoo! Thanks everyone!” he posted to his blog. “Beers are on me when I see you guys on next BPC meeting.”
What are some of the most important things he learned throughout the experience?
“The most important thing I learned while in CFP was obviously winning poker strategy, and how to make the best possible decision based on the available information and reads,” he says. “My mindset is a lot stronger now as well.”
After such a huge run through the program, Lateralus has become an important part of the BPC community as a coach. He aims to help others learn from some of the positive plays as well as from some of the mistakes he’s made along the way.
So far things have been going well, and Lateralus finds that the relationship with his students is also good for his own game. He gains some new insight and continues higher-level thinking about poker, which always good.

“Even though I am teaching students basic and beginner poker strategy, it helps me in my own game,” he says. “I observe spots deeper and in a different perspective. I’m also able to spot leaks better and faster now.”
After finishing the program and now as a regular winning player, Lateralus planned to do some traveling and of course more poker and coaching.
For students just starting the BOC program, he offers some advice on reaching goals and seeing concrete results. It won’t come easy, but stick with the program and follow what you’re being taught.
“Just listen and do what your coaches say,” he says. “Don’t think that you are smarter or that doing something else is better. Just shut up, listen and do it. Nothing else. It cost me a lot of time and money because I thought I knew better. If I had done things in the right way from the start, I would have finished the contract a lot sooner.”
What are his plans for the future at the poker tables? He says: “I am just going to continue with the grind and make as much money as possible and hopefully reach higher stakes online.”
What about your own game? Have you hit a wall in your growth as a player? Are you looking to move up to more serious stakes? Maybe the profits aren’t where you’d like them to be or you need a change in your overall mindset and approach to the game like Lateralus.
Whatever the case, BPC just may be your answer. Like Lateralus, the program can help you learn how to crush at the tables and overcome situations that may have been struggles at the tables before. BPC is more than just training and coaching, it’s a community where players motivate each other, learn from each other, and become friends through amazing events like the upcoming Poker Camp in Marrakesh, Morocco.
Like Lateralus’ story, when you’re part of BPC things that didn’t seem possible become a reality. Small profits can turn into serious money and help turn things around. What are you waiting for? Get on board and start winning and raking in profits.
Sean Chaffin is a freelance writer in Texas. His work appears in numerous websites and publications such as Follow him on Twitter @PokerTraditions.
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