Wargaming introduced the action role-playing Pagan Online from Serbian developers

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Wargaming introduced the action role-playing Pagan Online from Serbian developers

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Wednesday April 24, 2019

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The Company Wargaming has announced action role-playing Pagan Serbian Online from the Studio Mad Head Games.
As stated in the announcement, Online inspired by the Pagan culture of pre-Christian period with unique heroes, crowds of dangerous enemies and supernatural forces. Her universe will expand with regular additions. They will include new characters, enemies, areas, and the continuation of the story.
At the heart of gameplay Online Pagan lies in the combination of hack’n’slash and MOBA with elements of MMORPG raids. Users will navigate from one scene to another, to hone your skills and fight hordes of monsters. The battles will have to think about tactics.
“Mad Head Games is a Wargaming 10 years ago. A small ambitious team, developing their first “big” online project — said Jacob Beucler, product Director at Pagan Online. — These guys are not afraid of bold experiments, and largely for this reason, we started cooperation with them. They have the fire in his eyes, and together we want to introduce their offspring to the entire game world”.
“In the Pagan Online, we tried to take a new look at the genre of Action RPG, with elements of MOBA. The output is a spicy blend, with hordes of enemies and very dynamic “combat”, — has said Urosh Baneševic, co-founder and creative Director of Mad Head Games. — We all have invested in this game and can finally share it with the players,”.
At the start of the Pagan Online will provide players with several modes, including single and cooperative, with multiple passing missions of different difficulty levels and numerous awards. In addition, on a regular basis there will be new episodes of “Combat stories”.
Pagan Online will be released on the PC in 2019.

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Thursday November 08, 2018

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