3 mobile game Square Enix will cease to work in Belgium because of lootboxes

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3 mobile game Square Enix will cease to work in Belgium because of lootboxes

Arsene Wenger Discussed Soccer Analytics at the 2018 Paris Sport Innovation Summit
Friday November 02, 2018

Leaders across the sports technology space gathered earlier this week for the seventh edition of the Sports Innovation Society’s Paris Sport Innovation Summit. The event, held over the last two days of October, featured 30 world class speakers and representatives from organizations such as the NBA, LaLiga, the San Francisco 49ers, the Portland Trail Blazers, MIT

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Publishers react differently to the decision of the Belgian gambling Commission about the prosecution of companies that sell containers with digital bonuses, according to the law against gambling. But Square Enix could be the first major publisher who fully withdraw its games from the market of Belgium.
Reportedly, Square Enix in the coming months will remove with the Belgian digital shelves of three mobile project, including containers. Mobius Final Fantasy will disappear on November 30, Kingdom Hearts Union X — December 6, and Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia — December 19. Moreover, with these dates the game will not work in Belgium, so Square Enix recommends that you use all the purchased items or digital currency in advance.
In the notes for all three games Square Enix specifically indicates a problem with the containers as the reasons for its decision: “We regret to inform that due to current uncertain legal status of the containers in the Belgian legislation Kingdom Hearts Union X may stop working in Belgium December 6, UTC“. Two other projects have similar comments.
The gambling Commission in Belgium in April of this year published report for that EA, Activision Blizzard and Valve are breaking the laws on gambling in the country, selling the containers in their games. The result is Blizzard and Valve stopped selling containers on the market, and then they were joined by companies like Take-Two and ArenaNet. In turn, EA has decided to defend its position in court. However, the Chairman of the Belgian gaming Commission Peter Naessens said that even if EA wins the case, the Commission will seek the revision of legislation to ban the system container.

Monday November 05, 2018

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